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Production Process Standard SX-WI-0701-48 Components - Packaging


Item Instructions to the standards
Materials I. Packing boxes
1. Smooth and clean surface; No damage, no dust, clearly printed marks.

2. The lap width of corrugated carton shall be ≥30mm, the cartons are fastened with double rows of diagonal nails, which are arranged neatly and evenly apart. The double nail spacing shall not be greater than 75mm, and the box nail shall be completely nailed to the joint.

Ⅱ. Pallets and packing belts

1. Materials: Pallets and packing belts with different materials shall be used as required by the sales order.

2. Dimensions: Pallets of corresponding specifications shall be used as required in the component BOM.

Packaging 1. No sundries are allowed to bring into the packing box.

2. Packing boxes and belts shall be made neat, standard and uniform. The distance from the bonding point to the fracture shall be 1~5cm.

3. The packing information form shall be firmly stuck. It shall be neat and uniform, components shall be consistent with coding on the packing boxes.

4. Components shall be boxed with the back facing outwards.

5. Specifications for each box of components shall be uniform.

6. Use wrapping film to seal the sides of the packing box sealed, and the top of the tray to be laminated. The overlapping width of the wrapping film shall be 10±3cm.

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