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Quality Control Document

Quality Control Requirements for Online Production of Components

1. Purpose

Control the online production quality of solar cell modules to ensure that the product quality meets the design requirements.

2. Scope

The provisions apply to semi-finished products, finished products and ex-factory inspection of solar cell modules in our company subject to online production.

3. Duties and responsibilities

3.1The quality department is responsible for the preparation and implementation of inspection standards and methods in the production process.

3.2 The department of technology is responsible for providing product standards and product design drawings.

3.3 The production department is responsible for the implementation of self-inspection and mutual inspection of the production process.

4. Inspection process

1. Key process lamination: Control equipment parameters, lamination process, lamination quality and cell defects.

2. Important processes:

Cell sorting: Control cell gear, color matching and defect quality.

Single and series welding: Control welding temperature and welding quality.

Lamination: Control electrical parameter matching, lamination quality and appearance quality.

Framing: Control equipment status and framing quality.

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