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SIMAX 2013 Winter Outdoor Development Training

Near the end of the year, with the continuous release of favorable policies, the photovoltaic industry finally saw the dawn. For them, this industry is not as cold as the winter in reality
Although the government's support attitude has been set, but the rules have not seen, the actual warming has not yet appeared. how long will the PV industry really recover? "For enterprises, the wait-and-see mood is relatively strong. Most of the enterprises this year have a very serious loss. The industry will pick up the fastest in the second half of 2013." An insider of a domestic PV listed company that did not want to be named analyzed the reporter 
The price of photovoltaic products is difficult to stabilize in the short term
Since the third quarter, good news from the PV industry policy has continued. First, the rules for the integration of distributed photovoltaic power generation were determined, followed by the launch of the second batch of Golden Sun projects. In addition, Premier Wen Jiabao chaired the regular meeting of the State Council on December 19 to study and determine five policies to promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry, Measures and so on
Faced with the internal and external problems of the photovoltaic industry. the government has turned the tide and greatly boosted the confidence of the industry. The photovoltaic industry has a strong resurgence, In the short term, the policy has been positive for the photovoltaic industry before the detailed rules for the relevant measures have been introduced. The effect does not seem obvious, and manufacturers are waiting to see a strong mood
"The overall market is in a downturn. Before the policy is not clear, whether it is silicon materials, silicon wafers, battery chips or component companies, everyone is still waiting to see the atmosphere, and the market transactions are still sluggish." Guoxin Securities Power Equipment and New Energy Zhang Wei said Like silicon materials, most of the domestic silicon material manufacturers have stopped production due to the previous demand, and basically no re-starting at this stage
"In the short term, I believe that under the favorable policies, it is still difficult for PV products to stabilize and stabilize, However, with the suspension of some enterprises, the decline should be narrowed." A domestic PV company insider who does not want to be named So analyzed.
The reporter learned from the spot price data of PV Insights photovoltaic products that the price of photovoltaic polysilicon. 156mm and 125mm monocrystalline silicon wafers, 156mm and 125mm monocrystalline batteries remained unchanged from last week, and there was no change in the week of December 27. 156mm polysilicon continued to fall, but the decline narrowed significantly, down 0.12%, with an average price of $0.807 per piece. The price of 156mm polysilicon battery was 1.435 US dollars / piece, a decrease of 0.28%. The crystalline silicon component continued its decline last week, falling 0.15%;
"This week's Christmas holiday in Europe and the United States is light; the price of the whole industry chain is stable, and monocrystalline silicon wafers and battery chips still maintain good demand, Recently, companies will no longer cut prices, but further reduce capacity utilization. At the current price, Silicon wafer companies have no intention to cut prices again, and polysilicon prices have stabilized." Zhang Wei analyzed this.
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